Hello, Hi. Welcome back!

We've hit the lovely month of October these last couple of days and in my normal fashion, I was creating my monthly playlist.

I'm one of those people who get bored of things very quickly (that usually includes songs) so to remedy that, I change what I listen to every month. There are new songs coming out all the time so I'm never struggling to make a whole new playlist from scratch. I love finding new songs and new artists to listen to and love sharing these new finds with my friends. I refuse to take any type of journey (whether it be to somewhere as simple as the corner shop) without some headphones to accompany me along the ride.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking.

This is a whole lot of effort to put into something as simple as music. Making new playlists, always carrying around headphones? It's a lot, but for me? It isn't.

For the longest time, music has been my anchor. My escape and I guess in some weird way, a friend. No matter what I'm feeling, my first point of contact is my headphones and a playlist. A lot of the times that's all I need, a good playlist and a little walk to clear my head.

Music is an amazing way to get all your emotions out and make you feel great when you're really going through it in life. It remains constant and can always keep you sane. A lot of the times, we go through things that our friends can't help us out of, so we lean towards music to give us a little boost. For me, it's never failed me.

It's kept me sane all these years and I don't know where I'd be without it.

I usually share a lot of my music taste on Quite Frankly via the "playlists" tab where I add the monthly playlists I make. The playlists are usually always filled with new songs I'm feeling for that month mixed with some old ones I rediscovered from re-listening to old playlists. Some of these songs are most definitely undiscovered gems that aren't getting enough love.

Since we're all here talking about music, it seems only right that I share some gems that I discovered over these last couple of months and think some of you will love.

Let's get it.

  1. Jaz Karis - Sugar Don't Be Sweet

Jaz is your British songbird who graduated from the notable BRIT school. Her vocals are silky and smooth with a hint of old school. Her vibe is excellent, and her songs always make their way into the next month's playlist. Sugar Don't Be Sweet is a classic and I'm a sucker for soft ballads.

  1. Dana Vaughns – Feelings

This is one of those songs that I replay over and over. I found this song while going through some stuff and it made me feel all types of emotions. I'm not sick of it yet so I felt the need to share. Dana's voice is ridiculous, and this song truly does have me in my feelings whenever I hear it.

  1. Amani – Selfless

Amani has captured a perfect female empowerment message in this R&B ballad and I'm here for it. Too often ladies feel like they must be ok with giving up things to be in a loving and committed relationship. Amani recognises that she's not ok with doing that right about now and that's not a bad thing. She's currently on her grind and she's not ready to give that up to be selfless yet. That energy is immaculate sis.

  1. Zak Abel – Beautiful

This song is the one that I've been listening to a lot this year. I remember discovering it around exam season when I was at my peak stress and it really got me through for some reason. There's something about this song that always makes me feel like everything will be ok and I've got this. The feeling is indescribable, so I wanted to share it with you. I also took the opportunity to listen to the rest of Zak's album and was pleasantly surprised to find collabs with some of my favourite artists such as Wretch 32.

  1. Kiana Lede - One of Them Days

Kiana is an OG that most definitely doesn't get enough love. She's been posting covers on YouTube for a while up until recently when she started to release EP's and singles. Her voice has always been beautiful and she's incredibly talented. This is one of my favourite songs by her, she perfectly articulates those days where you're just not feeling sociable. You want to stay in bed snuggled up with a good book or a movie and keep your phone on silent.

I think you guys will love it. Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy the songs! For those of you who already knew about these artists? We're connected, and I think you're cool.

For more songs like this, you guys can always check out my playlists which are linked somewhere in that first paragraph.


Until the next one.

With all my love,


Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi