Decluttering Your Wardrobe

How to declutter your wardrobe in 4 easy steps.

Every now and then it's good to really go through your wardrobe and make a note of what belongs and what doesn't. Not only does this free up space to hold more of your favourite wishlist items but it also makes life easier, constantly rummaging through unwanted clothes to find a good outfit will increase your stress levels. So, let's prevent that...

 1Mentally prepare yourself. Sometimes we hold on to clothes for far too long due to a number of excuses, telling ourselves that we will fit into one day, it was expensive, it was a gift etc but if these items have been collecting dust then do you REALLY want them? Before decluttering your wardrobe it's important that you detach emotionally from your clothing. 

2. Get organized. Sort clothes into 3 piles that consist of yes, no and maybe. You can either give the 'no' pile to charity or make some coins and sell it on depop.

3. Be honest. Go through the maybe pile and be really honest about your reasons for why you should keep each item.

4. Sort clothes into categorical order. It may be a chore to some but I actually love doing this lol not only does it look more pleasing to the eye but it also makes it much easier to find each item especially when you're in a hurry

After you've decluttered your wardrobe be sure to only fill it with items you really need.