My Special Valentine

Valentines Day, it’s the day where red hearts are everywhere, love songs are booming from the

radio and everyone takes their best couples photos and post it on social media.

For some of us, it’s filled with dread of what we don’t have? We reminisce on past relationships or

lack of them, or we worry about potential future ones.

Can I give you some advice?

Work on loving yourself more.

This year, I sat down with a group of women the night before St Valentines and we all discussed our

plans for the next day.

To my surprise, all of us were single.

I suggested we share our best Valentine’s Day experience and as I reminisced on my best Valentine’s

Day memory, I was reminded of the fact that this memory did not include a significant other. It was

the best experience because I felt cherished by my friends and family.

It was Valentine’s Day and I was 12 years old. I was staying at my cousins house and planned to go

cinema with my cousin and her neighbour. It was a regular girls trip that included popcorn and lots

of giggling. Little did we know that whilst we were out, my older cousin had planned a little surprise

for us. When we got back from the cinema it was just magical, as she escorted us in, I noticed all the

tiny little candles she had spread throughout the the house, there were also rose petals all around

and soft music was playing in the background. In the living room was cake, popcorn, sweets and

drinks. All this for us. It was such a kind gesture that made my heart melt.

Fast forward to February 14 th 2019, I decided to make myself feel just as happy by choosing to treat

myself, I put on a face mask, painted my nails and bought myself a dessert from creams and watched

a few episodes of a show on Netflix. The best part was that I slept. Once I woke up, my mum had

cooked steak and I enjoyed my meal in peace. I felt so content just being. I also received Valentine’s

messages from friends.

What am I saying?

Love comes to us through different channels.

It doesn’t just come from a significant other.

So if you ever find yourself without a Valentine, why not treat yourself with some self-care?

Happy Valentines Day!



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi