Period Poverty

Should Sanitary Towels Be Free?



One of a girl’s biggest fears is starting her periods and having no access to any sanitary towels. Imagine how it must be for thousands of girls around the world ,who can’t afford pads? The issue is that we have become so oblivious to the world outside. We actually have become deluded to the fact, that we think that this is only an issue that occurs with non developing countries. However, truth be told, that this is a global epidemic crisis occurring all over the world. This matter is even affecting young girls at the doorsteps of England. Do you actually know what is so funny and heartbreaking, to say the least; is that the constitution of our Parliament actually provides free condoms but that of sanitary towels has been overlooked. The story of affording sanitary pads is sad and heartbreaking to hear when girls have to choose attending school or buying the very thing that would save their dignity.


There are many group of individuals that face the outlined issues stated above. However, the demographics of women, who have become victims of such an epidemic, is that of homeless women. Homelessness is bad enough, but being a woman and being homeless, is another playing field of its own. These women, do not have a safe home or access to food/water or even access to a toilet or  bathroom.


Being a woman, you know that this is an issue that occurs every month or sometimes twice. These women need help, and it is time as a nation we arise to do something about it. These women’s stories are heartbreaking to say the least and it is so sad to hear that they cannot afford to eat and buy the sanitary items that they need. The stigma behind homelessness must be disposed of! Did you know that this could be any of us in this situation? The way the situational economy is derived in at the current moment, can in fact victimise anyone of us and we could be the very individual living on the streets.


So what is next?

Do we keep quiet and watch or do we stand up and do something about the epidemic?


Sometimes we think the only way we can help is by giving crazy amount of money to charity. Don’t get me wrong that will be great but a lot of us don’t have crazy amount to give. The thing we fail to realise, is that the smallest gestures can change a life. You do not need to do a whole lot but you need to do something with the little you have. For example, this means you can buy a few sanitary pads and give it to the homeless women you always pass on your way to work. Nothing in this life, is ever small. Why try and change the world, when you can start on impacting a life. You never know tomorrow. You never know what your kindness could do to someone else. Let us start to arise and help those that need it the most.


We have our FIRE event taking place on September 1st. Where we aim to empower women all around the world. Please get involved as we raise donations for homeless women.


Additionally, you can always donate pads, so that we here at Sapphire, can give the women that need it the most. Let us not wait on the government, but take action in our homes or churches or workplaces.


Let us stand together, as we tear down the reign of period poverty.


Here are link some of charity that you can donate to.


Written by Merville Sainda

Edited by Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi