Stop Hiding

Sometimes hiding eases discomfort
Sometimes it eases the pain.
But sometimes it puts out the fire inside that used to burn like a flame.
Sometimes we hide out of fear, but God has not given us that spirit.
Some have hidden talents that they refuse to exhibit.
Some hide out of guilt like Adam and Eve in their shame.
Some run from purpose re-writing their story and name.
Some hide behind a mask and prohibit liberation.
Mentally trapping themselves in a cycle of deflation.
Sometimes we hide from others, so we don't expose our flaws.
Sometimes we hide in the lie and the truth we ignore.
Like Jonah, some try to run and hide from God but forget he's not like man.
Nothing is hidden from God, he has the upper hand.
He's Omniscient, all knowing, Omnipresent, always present.
You can run but you can't hide.
One day we'll have to give an account, so in him we should abide.
You were blessed to be a blessing, remain concealed and what is your impact? How do you evoke change?
If you want to go from hidden to driven, with God make an exchange.
Come out of hiding and step into the light.
Break free from the cloud of limitations, your future is bright.
Take courage in knowing that with God you can do more.
Come out of hiding because greater is in store.

Poem by Lydia

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi