Thrilled at how considerate you’ve become, sentimental gifts and long messages. It was heart warming, I told you I was a hopeless romantic you was given a warning. I love your messages particularly in the morning. Its a wonderful start to my day, once I’ve finished my devotion and prayed I can look at what you’ve written. You’ve become so transparent nothing feels hidden. When I talk I genuinely feel like you listen. You managed to get tickets to a concert that was sold out, when you showed up with tickets I couldn’t even close my mouth. I still don’t know how you got them, no one in my group was even close. You’ve become someone who has me on my toes. I knew the concert wasn’t to your liking but I appreciated the fact that you was eager to attend, you also gave me the option of going with a friend.

Such a kind hearted soul, everyday a new page unfolds.




Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi