I Neither Choose

This poem is dedicated to women who have been or are currently not allowing their environment, people, mind-set, emotions or life experiences to affect who they are. Character matters the most in this beautiful thing we call “life”. If you can stay calm, kind and loving when everything around you changes…You are a golden woman. I choose to be confident, happy, tender-hearted and positive, because I belong not to this world or ‘things’ that pass me by, but to God. “Your struggle is not your identity”. 

The wind and the waves drift by

The clouds move and the sun shines

But I stand firm with my feet on the ground

I neither choose to be trapped or quiet 

The universe is a bigger place than myself

I will explore its beauty beyond my eyes 

I feel the fear reach my heart to my lungs

I neither choose to stay comfortable or complacent

New faces and new names appear every day

Still, I am enjoying my new experiences 

Anxiety at its peak, how do I get around this?

I neither choose to be afraid or worry

A car crash, bad news on TV that my eyes have seen

My hands have touched the wrong skin

My lips have said the wrong, hurtful sentences 

I neither choose to hang on to the past or replay negative thoughts

A fatherless or motherless child walking through the streets

A sick child waiting for change to come, laying in that hospital bed

A drug addict with pale skin on the brink of death

I neither choose to label or define myself…. 

Because I am simply God’s child.

By Naomi kiaku

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi