Hello, Hi.

Welcome back guys.

I've been thinking about my standards a lot recently, they're usually a topic of conversation when my friends and I have our catch up sessions. When I say standards, I mean standards in all senses of life e.g the standards I set for myself and where I should be as well as the standards I've set that ideally, I'd like my future partner to meet.

We all have our own standards whether we choose to admit it or not, and in most cases we do not waiver in them.

We know what we want and we stick by it.

For the longest time, I was a member of the "don't settle" committee and that's all people ever heard me say. My logic was why must I settle for anything less when there is someone out there that meets my standards and even exceeds them? Why must I settle when I know I can do better for myself with a little extra push? However, I think with age (and the constant conversations with friends) I'm slowly transitioning out of that group. Whether that's for the best still remains to be unseen.

Now my transition out of that little society is not intentional by any means, but I guess I'm starting to see things in a different light. Naturally, there will always be certain things that I'll probably never compromise on but there are definitely things that I think can get a little leeway.

My problem now lies with deciding which of my standards aren't too serious and can get kicked to the curb. In terms of standards for myself, I want to achieve the best for myself while simultaneously living my best life. That's a standard that isn't budging, because it doesn't have to. I know my capability and won't burn by pushing myself that little bit more.

I want a tall, schweet zaddy. That's not budging either, my kids need the best possible chance in the height department and I'm only average height at best. To many, things like "looks" seem to be a superficial standard and "a symbol of how shallow we as a society are".


I am very shallow and I'm saying that with my chest. It's ok to be shallow y'all.

Being shallow as well as having other standards to do with your future significant other are always made to seem unreasonable, I've come to say otherwise. You all know what you want and when you want it, there is honestly nothing wrong with that. I believe the issue lies with letting these standards completely block your blessings, it's ok to adjust your standards slightly without completely destroying their essence. So yes, one tall, schweet zaddy please.

Having standards helps me figure out my next move and what to achieve next. Standards aren't always a bad thing so with that being said - appreciate and up your standards ya'll!

You're allowed to and no one can say otherwise.

With all my love,


Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi