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Welcome back.

My name is Frankie and I'll be guest blogging for the Sapphire Community Group today!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Results Day on my blog. I focused a lot on A-Level students who were waiting for their university acceptances and as a lot of you now have these (whether it be to a university you had planned for or not), your university experience is scheduled to begin shortly.

University is fun and also the perfect time to start figuring out what your goal is in life. However, it can most definitely get tough at times. Have no fear though, I got ya'll. The plan? This post will be focused on topics I think incoming undergraduates should be aware of, starting with "the social life"

If any of you have images of some Love & Basketball/ Stomp the Yard type relationship in university? You might be heavily disappointed. I apologise in advance but very few of you will find that love, especially in this UK. If you're headed to a university abroad, I'm gonna live through you.

Go secure your Different World college love experience and share it with myself and all the readers of Quite Frankly (the mailbox is always open, bless up)

I can only really comment on this from the known experiences of my friends and I, but the general overview is that many people do not go into university (primarily first year) with the aim of getting into a relationship. Women are more prone to this notion but the mandem? Yeah, most are just excited to be surrounded by a whole new crowd of girls they haven't met before. This isn't to say relationships don't happen so don't be completely crushed just yet! I have friends that are happily cuffed and living life but remember, those don't happen often.

Even if you don't find bae in university, you'll never be bored in that environment anyway. University life is rarely ever completely silent so don't worry about having nothing to do or meeting new people. Fresher's Week is the time for all newcomers to meet as many people as possible in one place but don't freak out if clubbing isn't your thing. It definitely isn't mine (read why - here) but you'll constantly be meeting new people in the weirdest of places regardless.

Whether this be at society meetups or in lectures, there are potential friends at all corners so do try to put yourself out there at university. I can't even imagine how I'd survive in those Neuroscience lectures without some friends to work with. Education is long and not only will you need the occasional study group? You need a support system that's local so I would encourage being as social as possible.

Moving on to the personal side of university.

University is known for testing all levels of independence you have developed over the years. You need to cook for yourself, discipline yourself and just generally fend for yourself. There will be absolutely no one reminding you to do these things so you will be alone in that respect. Doing homework, catching up on extra reading? That's all you boo.

It is because of this insane amount of independence that has suddenly fallen into your lap that the jump from A-Levels to University seems wild. Personally, I saw A-Levels as a level of witchcraft that I wouldn't wish upon anybody so I found the jump to be alright. If you are the opposite, recognise the jump feels this way because you're not used to all the independence that suddenly comes with education. Try and spread out your responsibilities and organise everything you need to. You'll be Gucci.

Let's also talk about another thing you won't be disciplined on.

Your attendance boo.

You going to lectures is for your own benefit so you not going is what my mum would describe as "you doing yourself". Translation: it's your own business. Obviously though, if your attendance is at like 15% your uni will be calling you up but the original idea still stands. For the most part, you are in charge of your own destiny. Go to your lectures.

Last thing, let's talk mental health.

Now, I love that Mental Health is becoming a normal topic of conversation because it's so important to discuss. Especially at university.

The change in environment, in addition to the difference in workload and being away from home can really do a madness on your health. As you go forth, please do try and find ways to keep your mental health at a good level. It's perfectly fine to take mental health days to take some time for yourself and get your mind right. It's also fine to leave lectures early if you think too much is going on. I've done it many times before.

When you're in a better place, you go again. Momma didn't raise no quitter.

In closing my loves, the social life of university is definitely what you make it. Go in with an open mind, few expectations and I'm sure you'll enjoy! On the flip side, University can also make you vulnerable to a whole bunch of issues and problems. However, with the correct social circle, a determined mindset and a little bit of love from Frankie? I think you'll be fine. Remember, those 3/4 years will be some of the most memorable regardless so do the most! Make a whole bunch of memories.

That's me finished!

Have a lovely day ya'll!

With Love,



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi