The Importance of Treating Yourself


I’m a firm believer in treating yourself.


Personally, the concept of treating yourself comes under two categories; materially and spiritually. I’ll elaborate on both later.


Treating yourself is extremely important for me because as someone who felt so out of control for most of her life, it allows me to stop focusing on what others can give me, and the comfort I can glean from that and made me realise that I must go after the things I need BY MYSELF.


Now, ‘treating’ can be sporadic, it can be planned but if one is adding to themselves (men and women alike), it will add to their personal growth.

So, if it’s something you are interested in exploring, you must why it is important to do so realise for yourself.


Capiche? Yassss. Ok so now let’s break down the two types of ‘treating yourself’.


I’m gonna start with material ‘treating’ as it might be easier to understand although as a Christian, treating oneself spiritually is the most important.

Material (aka intentional cash loss)

Thankfully, this self-love thing comes with the perks of buying stuff for yourself.

I’ve always had a fear of someone saying “I gave you this, now give it back”. What I mean by this is; imagine a man coming into your life, showering you with gifts and material things you want. Ok now fast forward to a year down the line where things, for some reason, have broken down and now he wants those things that added value to your life when things were going good, back. Now, how much better would it be if you already bought yourself those things in order to affirm yourself so whatever someone else adds to your life would only mirror how you already treated yourself in the past?


If none of that made sense, let me break it down for you all: If you wait for others to add value to your life or provide you with material things, you will always get excited when meagre people come into your life and do meagre things for you. To avoid this, give yourself the best so you can attract the best.

In the words of 2016 Norm Kelly: “Know your worth. Then add tax”.


“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own” - 1 Corinthians 6:19


I love the analogy of our bodies being a temple. Regarding a temple, would you fill it with rubbish or would you clean it up and add flowers to it to make it look more beautiful so that people can be drawn to it? More so should our bodies be treated like a temple so God can dwell within.


My faith was never really part of my life despite being a preacher’s child until I realised how much I needed God during my first year of uni. I had struggled for a long time with many things, was depressed and just downright lost until I discovered the concept of grace. Grace is a never ending stream, it’s literally a love that is unmerited and one doesn’t have to do anything to gain it.


That’s where the concept of treating yourself spiritually comes into play. Alone time with God is so important and just taking 30 minutes, to an hour each day makes all the difference in the world to your mental health while adding more value and wisdom than any human could ever give to you. Plus, you know the Bible? Yeah, that book is priceless too.


As of right now, I’m still discovering the depths of God’s love and discovering what it really means to build yourself up spiritually to withstand whatever life throws at you.


I hope my rambling made sense, though and remember; KNOW YOUR WORTH THEN ADD TAX.



Social Media Intern

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi