Solo Travelling as a Millennial

Is travel a luxury or is it essential?

I believe travel is an essential part of our lives, for many reasons. There are many benefits we get from travelling. These new experiences empower the learner inside each and every one of us. It has been scientifically proven that travelling makes us sharper as the sights of nature have a positive impact on our brain, increasing concentration. Let’s not forget, it gives us the opportunity to meet new people, which in turn increases our faith in humanity by highlighting our need to connect with those who are different from ourselves. Travelling opens up your mind as you learn new ways of doing things, you are able to tap into your creativity. That leads us to my next point, travelling enables you to see the world from a new perspective, it gives you a birds eye view. Overall, travelling makes us happier, there is a sense of fulfilment that comes from embarking on travel adventures that you just don’t get from doing your ordinary, mundane activities.

With all that having being said, I’m sure many of us would like to see the rest of the world, so what are some of the things that are holding us back?

  1. Finance

We can’t deny finance is something that prevents a lot of people from pursuing their goals and aspirations. So, is it possible to overcome this hurdle? And if so, how?

  1. Fear

Many people are afraid of what they haven’t experienced.

  1. Time

Travel is not a priority for most people, therefore they don’t make time for it.

  1. Companionship

Other people may not be available and you may be afraid to do it alone.

I had a conversation with the Heartstylist who is a motivational coach. She shared with me what some of her thoughts are regarding travel and what she believes are solutions to the points we raise above.

Me: Why do you travel?

Heartstylist: Travel is a form of self-discovery and personal development for me, I’m quite a kinaesthetic person, which means I learn best through experience. So travelling is a form of education, healing and it’s a hobby.

Me: What are your favourite modes of transportation to travel?

Heartstylist:  I definitely enjoy flying, I love the airport rush, catching a flight and landing in a different country. I do like occasional road-trips even though I don’t get to experience that much. I think that people in London forget you can just drive to different European countries.

Me:  As a solo traveller what are your fears when it comes to Travel?

Heartstylist: My biggest fear around travel is the fear of missing out on exciting things to do, the fear of not being able to do everything because I’m very specific about the activities I like to do whilst I’m away. There’s definitely the fear of not being social at some point, I think it’s really important to have that interaction and engagement.

Me: What was your least favourite solo travel experience and why?

Heartstylist: It was in Cannes in France, it just wasn’t an inclusive, friendly environment and there wasn’t much interaction which made the experience not very fun at times and quite lonely. I also think the language barrier had a part to play in this. Some of the best moments about solo-travel is to meet new people and to make long lasting connections so you have somewhere to go back to.

Me: What would be your advice for someone who wants to travel but may not necessarily be able to afford it?

Heartstylist: Travel is always affordable, it’s just about being proactive through research and prioritisation, finding the best deals for you. I was on Ryanair the other day and I saw single flight journeys for £4.99. You can travel on a Nando’s meal, I’ve travelled for £39.99 before, return flight. Things like Air bnb makes the solo travel experience more authentic, cultured and affordable- so travel has been made easy nowadays, through technology.

Me: What would you say was your best travel experience and why?

Heartstylist: It would have to be my solo-travel experience to Barcelona, that was the time I felt the most free. I was able to choose my experiences. My motivation for travelling at that time was to create professional possibilities for myself and to enjoy myself at the same time and I got to experience a bit of both. I also made friends with a Vietnamese couple and we were able to participate in some cultural activities together. As well as meeting some other freelancers and young working professionals who were out there. The reason why that was a really beautiful experience was because it was a solo experience that had a balance of social and collaboration where I was very productive and I worked quite efficiently whilst I was out there. Barcelona has a really good balance of beach and of city life, which was really nice.

Me: Can you tell me a bit more about your brand ‘Hello Fear’?

Heartstylist: I think fear is such a big factor for why I haven’t travelled for so long because I felt like I didn’t have the money to travel or that I couldn’t travel alone or fear of travelling with people for various reasons. There was also the fear of doing new activities I.e. snorkelling. What I have learnt is that on the other side of fear is a possibility of something that is amazing! The possibility of being able to swim and swim freely, the possibility to be able to dive and dive freely. The possibility of being able to connect with new people. There’s so much possibility and I think I’m quite fascinated with the idea of what God and the universe brings about when you choose to confront fear. So ‘Hello Fear’ is really a lifestyle brand that empowers people to confront their fears rather than run away from it or try to fight it but to welcome it and see what possibilities lie on the other side.

Me: Where can we find out more about you?

Heartstylist: Just lookup the heartstylist and that goes across all social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can grab a ‘Hello Fear’ T-shirt as well online at

I hope this post has inspired you to face your fears and embark on new travel adventures in 2019!

Written by

Ebony Ali

Instagram: ebonys_words

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi