The Divisions

Written by Chantell,

I wrote what came to mind, at the time I knew that it would only be wise to. This post would have been out of the blue but I knew it would be understandable. I hoped it would. I chose to face the discomfort of adulthood. The abrupt change from school to sixth form to university. The adversity. The educational system can be draining and time consuming. Since living in the capital is fast paced, and everyone is constantly moving you find that you are also doing the same. You are consistently working your brain. You have goals to accomplish, you have viewed the severity of comfortability. But you have a mentor who ensures accountability in all aspects of your life. Is it difficult? Of course. Is it worth it? Definitely a wise man once said nothing in this life comes easy. There will be obstacles but they are made to be overcome. Grow through the process all the tight knots will eventually come undone. 

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi