Taking a Chance

What it looked like from the surface was far from what it was, it wasn’t what I thought and I was very sure, I was very confident. As an outspoken young woman I had no intentions of shunning myself due to a few undesirable opinions. There’s still so many things that I’m still learning, so many skills that need developing. To think of it my future looks extremely promising. I couldn’t have said it any better then that. I plan to move forward so I won’t be looking back. Preparation is key and change signifies turning a new leaf. The pain you are experiencing can not compare to the joy that is approaching. That’s why I have to step out in to the field, I have to play my part. I need to have a better understanding of my emotions. The doors are open, yet indecisiveness kicks in. To be aware of the truth is to look within. The answers can come from different sources but only you will recognise the true voices. The doors are very much open, however it all boils down to a decision. Choose to open your ears so you can listen.



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi