The Power of The Mind

There was hope, the sun shone upon all living things, even things hidden in the cracks. There couldn’t have been a greater sign then that. Odds had been beaten in my favour, and it came in the form of a comforting neighbour. Music had been very therapeutic, but my belief made everything fall in place. I had to be eager to seek his face. I decided to be a bold courageous woman who wouldn’t allow society’s views to diminish the light that shone within me. They had their opinions but not one of them had authority. I fought for what I knew was mine, I was going to overcome the obstacles but it all had to begin in the mind. If I set my mind on the things above then I’d be able to overcome? Yes that’s precisely what I meant I’d set my mind on the things above and would overcome. Those who are first will be last and those that are last shall come first. I nursed all my nerves because I knew I would accomplish what had been written years before. I would only go through clear open doors. 



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi