Grief Is A Strange Thing

This is a tricky thing. We all know that at some point we are going to lose someone we love – a friend, a romantic partner, a relative. But when it happens, it hurts and sometimes it’s difficult to process the emotions we’re feeling. We need to cry or vent to other people that knew the person we lost better or worse than we did. It doesn’t matter – what matters is that you care. That you let yourself grieve in the way it suits you.

We know it will happen, but when it does, it can still feel like a shock. You hear the news and go through that day as you normally would but inside, your head is spinning and all you can think of is that person and their poor family.

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Invest In YOU

I’ve come to realise the importance of investing in yourself as a Woman. 

It’s really important to establish yourself as an individual whether or not you are single or you are in a relationship.

 As a single woman, who is growing in her independence. I’m learning to become more self-sufficient. The way I do this is by taking care of my body, looking after my appearance and by reading books.

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An Intro To Calming the Anxious Mind: Pregnancy Edition

I’m an anxious person.

Actually, scratch that. I am a confident, self-assured, go-getter type of person.

But on top of that, I am living with the reality that sometimes my mind tends to get the better of me and I end up feeling the exact opposite of that. Shy, withdrawn, extremely self-critical. Anxious. Constantly asking myself if I will ever be good enough to achieve what I set out to do for the day or speak to that really important person who I know would only ever wish good things for me.

It’s that age-old question. “What if?”.

What if I fail? What if I choke? What if all the expectations I put on myself eventually lead to nothing and people start to think that I’m not actually the person I aspire to be?

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