Some Poetry Advice From Avantika Singhal!

It’s hard to tell whether one becomes better at writing poetry. Maybe, or maybe not. But something that you should be doing constantly to improve is to write EVERY DAY.

It could be poetry, verses or short stories or even flash fiction.

There was a phase in my life, where I would whip out my laptop for work and in the break, I would just start typing whatever came to mind. As the week progressed, I realized I was creating new images with my words, instead of deriving analogies from my old work.

By Sunday, I had created a piece that not only made sense but was also relevantly poetic. Something I was truly proud of. Out of the seven pieces I wrote in that week, there was only one that made sense and looked good on paper.

So, with poetry or any other form of writing, you have to be patient and give the piece a chance to breathe and nurture all by itself, in order for it to finally feel like one of your own.