Here at Sapphire we will try and do one documentary a year. I realised that there is 4 different ways we can impact the world. Through what we listen to, through what we read and through what we watch. Our aim at SCG is to foster a positive impact through media. We want to make films that would inspire, empower and motivate our generation to greatness. This would be our first of many documentaries. If you asked me two years ago if I watch documentaries, my answer would be no. And the reason why, is because I thought they were boring. If you ask the consensus of those in the population aged 13 to 30, their answer would be identical to mine. The notion behind the paradigm of documentaries, is that they are not entertaining nor inspiring.

This is What's Your Flavour!

Everything we do at SCG is to break the glass ceiling institutions and regulations. We want stand out and make a difference. The aim of this documentary, is to showcase the lives of 12 creatives. We will take you behind the walls of dreams. We will take you behind the streams of pain. We will take you behind desperation and depression. We will take you to places were legacies and visions were birthed. We are giving you front row seats to the reign of dynasties. From the cries of singers, to the scars of poets, to the starvation of actresses, to the protests of artists, to the wars of creative entrepreneurs and to the fight of a leaders. We aim that in us being transparent, we can give you the ability to fight for what you believe in.

No matter what you like. No matter your dreams. No matter what flavour, you like, we know and believe that your crazy ideas can become a reality.

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