I know many of us are familiar with this game. We know it too well in fact.

There is no need me explaining the rules and regulations associated with this game.

Many of us have become graduates in this discipline.

Generations have been known for acquiring PHDs in this school of thought.

Many have sold their soul ties to play the game.


The game requires no depth nor breath but craft.


The game use to be a phenomenon misunderstood by humanity.

The game use to be a distant entity unfamiliar to hereditary.

The game was once a mystery to histories signatories.

A game passed down by Kant, Aristotle and Plato.

A game given to indulgence of this world.


We have all claimed to be champions of this masterpiece!

Victors of this chess piece!


But have been hypnotized by the movement of its lies.

Kryptonized by the rhythm of its flies.

Synchronized by its majestic eyes.


How we have traded in our marvel minds for worldly whines. Priceless treasures for faded jewels?

How we have thrown away our kingdom notes for scapegoats! For the truth has already been inscribed in us! It can neither be found in the east nor the south.


We have played this game for too long! We have now memorized its patterns! We have become familiar to its voice! Enslaved to its command!


Are you not tired of the groaning melancholy sound? Are you not weary of the draining mines? For how long will you endure the echoing torment? When will you realize that the game never had a purpose? Nor dominion over you?


It was created and man-made to be an aid to fade away.

A game mislead by deaths regime.

A maze to a famished sacrifice.

A game that leads to an untimely decay of heavens birthright.


The blame game was a fools tool used, to misuse, confuse and delude you from the truth"


You can continue to play the game your earthly identities are encrypted to?

You can continually blame your abusive mother or absent father?

Or the violent boyfriend or the vindictive BFF ?

You can continue to blame your situation or your past for your misfortunes of today!

You can continue to make excuses or call it "bad luck"?


Or you choose today to become a champion and expert player in a new game?

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi