Stop seeing the world as it is but start seeing it for what it could be

I have been told countless times to get my head out of the clouds

That I need to wake up!

I have been called delusional!



All because I see the world differently!

Many say that there is no hope for our world!

That we are too far gone!

That we are selfish and evil with no humanity!

Great leaders, scholars and nations have given up!

Many great minds have rolled over!

Lost Faith!


Our entities have become saturated with devastation, despair and depression!

We have lost sight of all meanings for no reason!

We have traded in our heart piece for no peace!

Where did all our true destinies go?

Have we become so self absorbed that we cannot adore?

Where is your fight?

Where are your mantles?

Your weapons?


And Spirits Go?


Why can't we just believe in the unattainable?

Why can't we step out of our comfort zone?

Why can't we leave all of us for more for us?

When was surrendering acceptable for victory?

When was giving up a measure of success?


When will you do something about the nothing around you?


It is time to make our world a better place!

Not only by our talents!

Not only by our words!

Not only by our "dues"!

But by our actions!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi