I am on the boat as we speak attempting to write a poem to my king. I am lying on the beach thinking of what he could be. Anyone who knows me, knows that travelling holds a huge place in my heart. After God, Family then Sapphire comes Travelling. It is like it completes me. With the air through my hair, with the scorching heat on my face, I feel you. I hear you. I can see you like no other. Every time I embark on your wing, you never fail to disappoint. You take my mind places it has never been. You take my heart places, it has never felt. You touch on my talents and call them a legacy. You enable me to bring out the lioness in me. You speak the language of the Gods. You and me are like music to the knights. Thankyou for filling my heart with joy. Thankyou for the memories. Thankyou for the birthdays. You see, I love you but you are not enough. I want more. I deserve more. You only take my highs to 50, when I have the capabilities to come to 100. I want to reach epiphany. I want to move mountains. I want to dominate seas and reign dreams.

I know you keep telling me to wait. I know you keep telling me to keep still because you are God, but it is hard. I keep writing to someone who would never see. I keep praying for a man that will never be. For how long must I be faithful? For how long would my sacrifice be worth gold? I want to believe in you. I want to stand with you, but how can I remain when I do not see? Show me your face so that I can know you are real! Show me your touch so that I can feel free! I do not want to keep playing a beat that bring failed Romeos to their knees. I want to sing songs that would raise a King. For how long must I keep the charades? I feel like I want to explode! I feel like my heart is on fire. When would our time come? When would our moment in the sun be?

I am ready.
How do you I know?

Because I know.

The thing about life, is that we think we can handle things but God knows we are not ready yet. In his appointed time, things happen. Do not feel like you must rush. Do not feel like time is against you. Just sit down on the beach and enjoy the singleness of live. When it is your season it will happen. Focus on your dreams. Focus on building your empires. You are worth so much. Do not be too quick and give your assets away to a false replica of a frog. You are a queen.

There is beauty in waiting.

My king if you are reading this, know that your throne awaits.
I will keeping building our empire until you are ready.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi