This Is Me

It has been so long. So much running. So much hiding. I have been afraid for years to speak up. I have been afraid that if you see the real me that you would judge me. I was afraid that if I showed you my scars, you will hate me. I was afraid to speak up in a society that dictates what we should be. I was afraid to be different. I was afraid to stand out in the rain. I lived my life for years under the microscope of your acceptance. I lived my life to please others. I lost myself in their empty promises. I forgot how to live. I forgot how to sing. I forgot that love was not in the highest bidder but in the One. I sought after the hearts of pipers when the king only wanted One. I was scared to step into the light. I was scared that if I tell you what I see that you will call me weird. All the years that passed me by because I was enslaved to societies conformity. All the seasons that changed because I chose to hibernate in deceptions conceptions. 

I went through the darkest rallies. I lost my partners. I lost loved ones. I lost assets. I lost everything so that I could gain One. I sacrificed all because I knew that I had to be me. Life has taught me that without sacrifice you will attain nothing. You have to go in with everything you have. You must give this life everything to leave a legacy that would set a generation on fire. My worth is not defined in what they think of me. My identity is not cultivated by the likes or swipes. I am more than what society said I could be. I am not called to fit into their box. I am me. I will tell my story because I hope that it would help you or him or her. My scars do not define me. My past does not dictate my future. For years I have been afraid to tell my story.

But today I stand to say This is Me.

Here at Sapphire we accept you for who you are!

We love you and want to help you cultivate the greatness within you!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi