I know where you stand is shaky ground. I know you. I have stood where you stand. I have felt where you are. I look at you and I see a reflection of who I use to be. The thing about healing, is that we think that once we pass through the storms, that it has ended but the truth is, is that the past is building another layer and will always come back to hit you twice as hard.

Boy when I tell you, that it would hit every angle of your body to make you feel small. Sometimes you will walk away with cuts and bruises or with blood shot eyes, but you will not die. You will come back stronger. Many do not make the first wave. Many do not make the second wave. The stones of affliction has stolen many lives. The hailstones of complacency has killed many aspirations, but guess what I am living proof that there is rainbows after the rain. Even when you think you have made it, life will try and squeeze you again. Loved ones will leave you. Friends will abandon you. Family will desert you. You will feel all alone but hear this, you will make it. You will not throw in the towel. You will keep fighting.

Why because you are a lion!
Why because you are royalty!

You are not too damaged to get redemption.
There is no storm that salvation cannot save you from.
You are powerful.
You are strong.

Know that I love you.
Know that I believe you.
Know that there is no place you can go that I will not find you.
I am passionate about your dreams.
I am not only friend but sister and mother.
I will give you my life.
I will shield you.
I am for you.
I am with you.

To my generation.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi