Time Tells Our Story

When would you be sure?

Are not tired of second guessing yourself?

Do you not see the handwriting on the wall? Must I spell it out for you?

Do you not see how I am eager to know how you are doing?

Do you not know that my checking in on you has an ulterior motive?

Can’t you see that I am eager to showcase your voice and talents to the world!

I do not just make noise for the sake of nothingness. I do not just give my all to those who do not see. I have chosen you. I believe in you. I see you when you do not even see yourself! I hear you in the silence of the night. I wrap your pains and cover the multitudes of your scars. You are the bone of my bone. You are my missing rib. You do not see what is before you!

When would you stop doubting yourself?

When would you stand up, speak up and take back what has been always yours?

How many times must I say it before you believe me! I love you! I am for you! I am with you! Bring the rain! Bring the storms! My love for you is boundless beyond measure! No hurricane can stop the way I feel for you! You are the tide to my ocean. You are the thyme to my soul. You are the waves to my sea. The world will try to divide us. The world will try to say we are broken. The world will try to say, that we are beyond redemption but I know you are worth it. You are my heart! You are my music in the face of depression!

For the last time! So that you know that this is real! So that you know I am not going nowhere! So that you know I am stronger than your past! So that you know this is not a figment of your imagination! Know that I love you! In the cold times. In the silence of the winds. In the missing puzzles of life, you are my heartbeat! In the configuration of our unity we will birth a legacy.

Are you ready because the tides of time is against us?

I do not want to take my next step, if you are not by my side.

Keep scrolling through my page.

Keep watching from a far.

Just know that when you are ready, your throne awaits.


To My King.