Lets take a look into my life again. I guess it is time for honesty hour? Why is it that our world is so tied up in lies, deceit and pretence? When did being real become a phantom of the opera? When did transparency become a deluded mines games? What happened to stripping off the masks and speaking your truths? When did we become so corrupted by scandals and stars? When did we exchange our birthrights for their soul ties? How can we loose our individuality in the storms of life?

I do not know about you, but this week, I had enough. I was fed up of painting my face to blend in with mediocracy. I was tired of playing charades and disguising my greatness with diseases. They say that to achieve epiphany, you must sacrifice it all and give up the pleasures of life to attain the prize. I have been driving at 200miles on a 30 road. I was exhausted. I was fed up of living a life that was beneath me. I was tired of giving the earth honey, while nations gave me lemons.

I did something out of the ordinary. I spoke my truth and do you know what, it was the hardest thing I had ever done. I was terrified. I was scared that they would see me. I was terrified that I would get hurt, but do you know what?; It was not like I imagined, I thought it would be roses and ice-cream but it ended up being skin on thorns. I literally felt like stabbing a knife in my heart or better still burying myself alive lol. But then I realised, that I spoke my truth, in despite of the climate and I felt free. I did not get my heart desire nor my knight and shining armour but I am proud. Rejection is a normal process in life. Many fear it. Many run from it. Many hide. Many even kill themselves but I am here to tell you, that you can stand. Rejection will occur. Not everyone will like you but you must very first love yourself.

Speak your truth.

Do not be a coward.

Dream Dreams.

Live Life.

When it is your time, it will be your time.

Do not give up on hope.

Keep Smiling.



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi