I do not know what happened but I began to hide the person that I know I could be. Do you ever feel like sometimes life has broken you down so much that you are too afraid to show them the real you. Sometimes people break your trust so much that you are unable to be you. My past relationships literally broke me. Debt has tried to steal from me. Obesity has tried to steal my identity. Body deformity has tried to defeat me. Depression has tried to kill me. I thought that I would die and never see the sun again. I lost my sanity. I lost my way. I lost the vision. Sometimes we can allow our circumstances to dictate our future. I have realized that no matter what, Life cannot break me. I cannot hide from who I know I am meant to be. Life will be tough. We might not get the job we want. We might try to get that signing contract. We might try to get into that university. We might try to be better than our ancestors but the truth is that what is ours will be ours. The struggle does not mean that the fight is over. You must keep pushing until you attain the impossible. You cannot give up or roll over. Life will squeeze you but you will not remain broken. You must keep going! Keep fighting! Put in the extra hours until you attain it all. I will not leave this world hiding under a rock! I will go out with a bang. I will go out pushing. This is out time! This is our year! This year we leave a legacy that outlives the nations. 

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi