To every country there is a story,
Every city I visit I come to realise something about myself,
I come to see another part of our world,
I learn more about my strengths,
I come to harness more of my weaknesses.

So Greece what do I say about you?
What did I learn from you?
What did I see in you?
Who are you to me?

First things first, you are love.
Walking into a foreign country all alone, I did not feel isolated but loved. You welcome strangers despite their differences. You smile to strangers on their darkest days. Greece you are family. It is like I had always known you. It is like no time had passed between us. Greece you are also rich. In food, in culture, in fashion and arhitecture. Their is not a dull time when I am wrapped in your embrace. Greece your men on the other hand, are something else. When I say they are hungry. They do not take no for an answer. Despite how forward they are, I want to thank them. They reminded me of my worth. The reminded me that I was a beautiful women who deserved a king. I love how my strength did not intimidate them. Thankyou for showing me what a man is supposed to be. From your pure food to your beautiful beaches. A night with you, is like heaven on earth. Greece you gave me love. You gave me peace. This past month I felt more overwhelmed than I had ever felt in my life. I felt like things were moving so fast and I couldn’t quite catch up but you gave me back my strength. You gave me hope in my insanity. You took my pain and called them purpose. Thankyou for the heat, because in that moment I was able to dream again. In your ray of lights, I saw whom I was meant to be. I was able to count to 25 in your inception. You told me secrets that I was too harden to hear. You told my heart to beat again. Thank-you for choosing me. Thankyou for setting me free again. Thankyou for your love.

There is only one thing that shocked me. I met a girl who took me to my past. You know when you think you are changing the world? You know when you think your influence is changing and impacting lives? Boy oh boy was I surprised! I had become so infatuated with my world, that I could not see. I did not realise how much work was needed to be done. I entered a place that I had not been for 2 years. When I say that my heart was broken. I saw dreams splattered on the streets. I saw legacies being abused and amused. I saw nations exchange their birthrights for cheap pleasures. I thought I was taking the world by storm. I thought I was giving hope to the multitude.

This road trip to memory lane gave me a new insight. It made me see that my strategy had to change. It made me to realise that change will not occur behind my 4 walls. For me to really unite and mold a broken world, I must come to them. I must encode a message that they would understand.

Thank-you Greece for letting me see.

Thank-you for giving depth to the vision.

Thank-you for giving me the keys to lives.

Greece may we meet again."