This year has barely started but yet it feels like I have gone to the war zone and back. Last year was a tough year for me. I lost quite along on my journey. I lost friends. I lost loved ones. I lost assets. I lost hope. I lost investments. I was told that this dream was impossible. I was told to take the road of less resistance. I was told that I was delusional. I was told that my fight was pointless. I was told that I was unworthy. I was told that I was unqualified. I was told that I was too broken. I was told that I was too damaged. I was told that only the called are chosen. I was told to go home and lick my wounds. I was broken. I was lost to heavens reign. I felt alone. I felt like I would not make it. Some nights this dream felt like an impossibility. I lost my best friend. I had no leg nor support. I gave up my everything because I knew that this day would become a possibility. Even when I lost my loved one. Even in the face of dehumanisation. Even when my trust was broken. Even when I was maltreated and defeated.

Some days are harder than some but I just know that things get better. I just know that there is sunshine after the rain. I believe in a world where we are united. I believe in a broken culture finding restoration again. I believe in a colourless world. I believe in a world that does not discriminate but loves. Even when I am afraid of the unknown. 

I stand. 

I do not stand for me but for those who have been afraid to stand up and speak up. I stand for those that feel worthless. I stand for those that feel broken. I stand for those who are confused on who they are. I stand for the voiceless. I stand for peace in broken nations. I stand for those broken homes. I stand for those broken dreams. I stand for peace. I stand for love.

I stand for a better world. I stand for a united nation.

We are one voice.

We are one nation.

And today we stand united. 

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