Rain Dance

This was an event organised by the Sapphire Community Group. Rain Dance occurred on Saturday 13th April from 6-10pm. We had sponsors such as Wrap it Up, Greggs and Pret a Manger. It was aimed at raising awareness to mental health “Breaking the silence”. It brought about different people coming together to inspire the community and talk about mental health issues. We had different speakers and guest artists that showcased their talent that evening various activities like a fashion show and people sharing their experiences they have had about mental health and how they overcame. Some said they were able to overcome with the help of their loved ones and some by turning completely to Christ.

Rain Dance Vision

We are dancing in despite of the pain

We are living in despite of the storm

The season of the drought is over

No more dryness

This is our season of rain

We shall be fruitful

It is time for harvest

We enter our season of harvest

“Keep Fighting”

“Fight Back”

  • We say no to mental health issues

  • We are saying no to suicide

  • We are building nations

  • We are speaking life to nations

  • Nations live

  • Nations speak

  • Nations fight

  • No more thoughts of evil

  • Our mind is free from depression

We cannot be silent

Today we stand in the gap - We stand for nations - we stand for those of yesterday - we stand for those today - we stand for those tomorrow - today we look depression in the eye and say no more. You will no longer molest our young.

We are here to make a resounding noise to depression

We hear the sound of hope

There is sound in my spirit that is releasing my generation from the bondage from oppression

Soul live

Soul fight

Today we break the silence

We tear off the masks of pretence

We wear our scars unashamed

We are free

We are free

We are free

Today we live

Today we fight

Today we break the silence

We speak to the nations

We speak to the natural

We speak to the supernatural  

We are taking charge of the spirit

Today we build a wall of fire around the nation

We build a wall of fire around our generation

A night of poetry, music, fashion, film, drama, speakers and dance. A night not to be missed.

This is a night like no other. A night where we use the beauty of art to heal wounds. A night where we go deeper and remove every mask that has held us bound from being free. They say that showing emotion is a state of weakness, but I know that there is power in being vulnerable. For years, we have lost our young! Today in the 20th century, we are losing many to the hands of mental health issues. We can no longer sit back and do nothing. It is time we speak up. It is time we heal from our pains. It is time we let go of all the pain. It is time we put to bed every shackle that has held us bound. This event, is aimed at pushing through the obstacles and dancing in the rain. This event is aimed at not giving a care if anyone is looking at you or calling you weird. The time to be who you are is now. Even in the midst of the storms, we will rise. We will keep fighting. We will keep living. We will keep pushing. We will not be silent. We will speak. We will breakthrough! No more losing the war the mental health issues. This is rain dance.