You know that feeling when everything in life is spinning out of control? I cannot sleep! I cannot think! I want to stop my mind from spinning, but the more I fight, the weaker I become! I have tried with all my countenance to make this work! I have tried to put all the pieces together but nothing makes sense without you. You are my everything. You are my heart. You are my life. Every step I take, I am reminded that you are not with me. I am trying to fill the emptiness with empty promises. I am trying to stand but the essence of my being has become weaker to withstand the storms. I want to feel. I want to touch you. I have tried to climb the highest mountain but I cannot feel your embrace. What must I do, for you to see me? What more must I say, before you acknowledge that my efforts are to hold the flame to your reign? I miss the days when nothingness was at my beck and call. I miss the days when spending time with you was the law and order. I am on fire trying to put the pieces of this maze together. I am trying to hold the vision but everything in my way, is trying to destroy the hopes that we built. I long for the days of unity and peace. I long for the days of rest and tranquility. When will this rollercoaster stop? How long must I push and push before you see that I am giving life all I have got.

When will this struggle end?

When would humanity arise and stand?

When will my generation stand for the truth?

For how long must I spell it out, before you see?

Do you not see my hands, as I hold it open for you?

Do you not feel the warmth of my love, as I ponder the streets holding up the banner with broken alms?

When will my efforts pay off?

For how long, will you banish me to the shadows of despair?

They say that you are the mover of the impossible! They say that you stand for the broken? They say that you do not allow the innocent to suffer? For how long must I give you all I am before you do something? When is enough, enough? I know you formed me to be a lion who can weather any storm but today I feel incapable of running if you are not by my side. I need you to take charge of my wheel and do what they said was impossible!

This is the moment we make dreams a reality!

This is the moment we give birth to a legacy!

This is our moment!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi