My lion are you ready to roar?
My lion are you ready to tear down and rip apart every obstacle that comes our way?
My lion I know that I have caged you up for too long, but I am ready to unleash you!
They say that I am weak!
They say that I am deluded!
They say that my art is fragile!
They say that my dream is broken!

My lion are you ready to be let out of your cage?
I told them I was coming, but I do not know if they truly comprehend the ideology of your appetite!
They do not know your strength!
They do not know the greatness you carry!
They do not see you, the way I see you!
They do not know that at the mention of your name, eludes authority.

My lion are you ready to run?
I know you have legs that can divide a nation!

My lion are you ready to soar?
They say that only eagles can fly, but I am ready to distort Newton’s law and order!

My lion do you need your pack to dominate?
What they do not realise, is that you are self sufficient!
You do not need anyone or anything because you are all-powerful!
You are a force to be reckoned with!
You are my light
You are my heart
You are my fight
You are my hope
You are my life.
My lion show them your sovereignty.
My lion show them the majesty of your splendour.
My lion I am loosening your reigns now...

One Two Three


Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi