I have to believe that time is the key to you. I have to believe that standing in your embrace is the key to the rain. They say that it gets easier. They say that as the seasons change, time takes the pain away. Yet I find myself stalking your pages. I find myself dreaming of a life that could never be. By the swipe of your finger, I see a ray of a line that would never shine. By the encryption of your depiction I see a man that would rule my throne. Every tune you produce is the lullaby to our nations. I am hypnotised by your words. I am in awe of your waves. You take my mind to places it has never been. You take my heart to depths it has never reached. How can I love someone who I have never known? How do I feel complete by a man that I have not known? How do I run after a man that cannot see? How do I stand when the bone of my bone is not free? How do I speak when the heart of my love is chained to a dance of single ladies? How do I stand out in a race of misconceptions and defections?

I want to speak! I want to tell my heart to beat again! I want to tell my mantle piece that the past is gone! I want to tell my bone to breath again. Does he not see? Can he not depict the warmth of my embrace?

Must I spell it? Must I say it?
Do you not see my mouth as it counters deceit of my love for you? Do you not see my smile as it beckons to see your face? From events to silence I feel you?

How long must I wait? How long before you see what has been right in front of you? I know you are coming from pain. I know you are coming from hurt. I know you are coming from broken promises. I know you are coming from mistrust. I know you are unsure who to trust. I know you fear to open the keys of your heart again. I know life tried to give up on you!

Hear this baby, I will not give up on you. I will fight even if it means I must carry your cross. I will wait for you because you are worth dying for. You are worth my last breath. You are worth the sleepless nights. You are worth the wait. When you are you are ready, just know that your seat awaits.

You are king of my heart.
Your worship is the foundation of our nation.
You are power.
You are not only a Head Teacher but my king.

When I met you 4 years ago, I knew that in your loins was a leader. I knew that your voice would inspire, motivate and empower a broken generation.

Even if it means I must wait a thousand years, I will wait!

When you are ready we would travel the world and take a divided nation to the era of unity.
We would unite and bring the formation of Google’s legacy to our knees.

Just know that when you are ready, your throne awaits.

To My King”