Why Is He Staring At Me?

Today I was faced with something that I had not encountered for a while. I thought that I would never see his face again. I thought we had said our farewells. I thought we agreed to walk at the very two extremes of the earth. I thought that I would be the sunrise and he would be the sunset. I thought that I would be the shores and he would be Will Turner. Until he broke his promise today! I was doing so well! I was trying to rebuild broken foundations. I was trying to rebuild broken hearts. I was trying to mould society and provide an antidote of love. I nearly forgot that he existed. I nearly forgot his toxic breath. I almost forgot his malicious smile that put empires on death rows.

I remember the first time I met him in 2011. It was an unforgettable day. A day filled with bitter sweat tears. A day filled with mourning and shame. From year to year he would torment my very being and device a legislation that would attempt to defeat my dreams.

Today I felt the very pain of my childhood. Today I saw how far humanity had come. Today I saw the hearts of mankind. Today I saw oppression play his beat. Today I saw a hopeless nation. Today I saw how division has been inscribed in the DNA of our generation. How did we allow things to get this bad? 

When will change occur? 

When will we arise to take a stand and end this segregation? Hasn’t Martin Luther spoke? Hasn’t Obama been elected? Hasn’t Rosa Parks sat? Why are we still paying for things that are worthless to the needle and the stack? Why does it matter what we look like? Why is there so much hatred? Why do we discriminate when we were created to love? Why do we see colours when our creator is colourless?

Why should I be in a 5 star membership club and feel like an outcast? Why must we conform to make others feel comfortable?

Today I saw discrimination in 3 forms. Is that I am a woman? Is it that I am black? Is it because I don’t fit the status quo of the worlds ideologies and standards?

The time of segregation must come to an end. All we are doing is creating wars when we were made to unite a divided world. Today we must do the opposite of what the radicals are doing! We cannot fight this war with violence but with love!

We are created to be one!

This is one voice!
This is one nation!