May Updates







Good Evening,

Hope you are well?

I want to change the world. I want to leave a legacy that will transcend humanity. I want to achieve the impossible. I want to impact destinies. I want to change lives. I want to push young people to achieve the impossible. I want to empower, inspire and motivate a divided culture. What we are doing at Sapphire is giving a voice to those who have given up on hope. My sole purpose is to give a voice to those that have lost their right to shine. Sapphire is a platform of hope and love but most of all life. I am a believer in purpose. I am a believer in dreams. I am calling the creatives. I am calling the ones who life gave up on. 

Today I tell you that I believe in you and I will make it my life ambition to make you great.

All Sapphire aim's to do, is to build up the world leaders of our tomorrow.

Being a part of Sapphire means that you are willing to go to the extreme ends to ensuring that young people have a future. We are the incubator of dreams and aspirations. 

I want you to go beyond yourself and help build a better world. A place where dreams can thrive and grow. These few weeks I need you to go beyond yourself and help ensure that we come together as one and help reducing crime, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, mental health issues, depression, global warming, health issues and foster a world of unity and hope.

Being a part of the team means that you see the picture and vision of a better world.

Welcome to a new month of great things! We have just moved into our new office at Old Street! We are open 12pm to 10pm!  
Office - 167 City Road, Old Street, EC1V 1AW 

We are looking for a full time PA who drives for the Director of Sapphire! Email now on

Also we are looking for Street fundraisers! To get involved email on 

Sapphire has started education and training
Only 16-24 years

Courses are free:
Fitness and Sports
Social Media
Creative Writing
Health and Social Care
Customer Service

So if you know anyone interested let me know ️

I am doing inductions on May 19th

Everyone you refer I am paying £50 and if you sign up also £50

Projects from May - July

1. Our Poetry Sessions Every Saturday 6-9pm
2. GW - young men program Saturdays 2-4pm
3. Mentoring School Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
4. Music Label - Calling All Artists
5. Our Monthly Radio - Last Monday of the Month
6. The Dreamers - Mental Health Monthly Meetup - 13th June
7. Second Home - June 15th - Health Eating and Well-being Monthly
8. Art Festival June 23rd
9. BIY - Performing Arts Summer Program
10. Free Yourself - Poetry Festival July 28th
11. Sapphire Consultancy Services - helping start up businesses
12. Sapphire Education - Free Business, Beauty, Music, Social Media and Creative Courses
13. 24 Hour Support Line
14. Sapphire Monthly Outreach

To get involved email back now.