This week was truly a week for me. When I tell you, that there were moments, when giving up seemed like the only option. There was moments where I did not see any hope. There was moments when trying to breathe seemed impossible. They say, the greater the vision the bigger the struggle. They say the great ones will pass through all sorts of trials and tribulations. I lost loved ones todays; all because of things that I could not control. It was like for the first time in years, my life was spinning out of control. I realised in the floods of my tears, that I was not a God. I realised that I do not have all the answers. I realised that I cannot fix everything. I had to let go and let God this week. Even my loved ones doubted but I had to keep pushing, because I knew that this dream is a reality that wants to explode to the nations. They say that when the time comes, there will be an army that will arise and fight for the truth. They say that the greatest of battles are not won by the numbers, but by belief. I nearly gave up this week. I felt overwhelmed. I felt broken. I felt hopeless. I felt like the reason to live had escaped me. I felt like this was the end but then he moved the impossible. He spoke into my dry bones and called them purpose. He spoke into my existence and labeled me fit to reign as a dynasty. In my brokenness I felt whole. In my sorrow I felt free.

I want to tell all those who want to give up, that there is hope. There is freedom in your chains. There is love in your pain. Rejection is not your lord. Poverty is not your saviour. Depression is not your law. You can do anything, but you must first change your mindset. Stop living in the lane of mediocracy. It is time to dream dreams. It is time to create the impossible. The key to your greatness is believing.

Join me today as we stand up for all the believers that ever lived.

This is the week of believing.



Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi