I realised that the media and literature  is a powerful tool. It can influence and build a nation. This is a community of writers that I want to just be themselves. A platform where you do not need to filter your emotions or thoughts. A platform where you are free to be yourselves. 

Every young women you see in our world today, has overcome or is still battling an obstacle or an issue. Each young women story needs a platform to be heard so that it can inspire a generation of women and equip our young women with the tools to succeed. All our stories are different. All our childhoods are different. No story is the same but that is the very thing that makes this powerful beyond measure. Sapphire Community Group is launching an online community of women writers all around the world. This a platform to share and inspire. We are building up a community of world leaders. We aim to talk about everyday struggles or learnings or successes. From topics around relationships to careers to mental health to body image etc.

Join us every Sunday at 10pm to hear from over 50 young women writers around the world.

Read our first post by Naomi “I Neither Choose you” on - https://sapphirecommunitygroup.org/wwop-magazine

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi