They say you must be confident in who you are – but what does that mean?

Are you comfortable talking about your hobbies, your passions and all your favorite things without being ashamed of any of them?

Can you walk out the door, not wanting to hide your face from anyone?
Are you satisfied with the choices you have made and don’t live off praise from others?

You may or may not have found yourself answering one or more of these questions with a “no”, and in truth, not many people will do the opposite. But imagine you could, or maybe pretend you don’t care for a moment and think of how your world would be if you finally found someone to talk to about musicals even though you are a guy.
Imagine you could present your face to the world with a charming smile instead of a frown.
Imagine you can say you  have made the best possible decisions  for you in that particular point in time and you are comfortable with them.

You would certainly feel better, would you not?

Start small, learn to love yourself and the things you do. Once you can talk about something confidently others, however shy, will be encouraged to join in.

We cannot be confident in every of our actions, however we can be confident in who we are, what we like and who or what we love. Do not try to hide – own it. If you accept yourself, others will too, and friendships follow.