In the mirror of my past I see him. I see her. I see you. I see me. In the shade of your embrace I see the depiction of confusion. I see the shadow of delusion. I see a mirror that reflects a broken identity. I was the soul that tossed to and fro. I was the memoir of a fade dynasty. I went from blood diamond to maze runner. I went from inception to scandal. I was the misunderstood known as empire. I was the flawed definition of power. I thought that in him I was complete. I believed that in his image I was whole. I dreamed of a transformed world. I created a tainted dawn. The colours at sunrise where the aspirations he called me to be. The morning dews on the Jasmine petals was what he said I should be. I detested the formation of her levitation. I misused her tools and birthed forth fools. To the majority I was a seniority. I was the waves that washed the oceans. I was the taste of lemons liquidation. I was the weather that changes and unstable in all his ways. I was trying to be him. I was trying to be you. I was trying to recode the encryption of my DNA. 

My body did not quite fit him. My identity was that of a fertility. I was misplaced in a race that nations called faith. I was tendered to the walls that generations labelled as art. I could not see her. I could not feel her. I was lost to a fallen dance. My steps were behind her. My eyes were in him. I could not see a way out.

 I could not think.

 I could not breathe.

 I could not escape the mind of divinities insanity.

I had to be me.

I had to be free.  

This is the story of a girl hated self so much that she thought that modifying herself would make her feel whole. That it would make her feel free. That it would make her me.

This is for those who were told you are not good enough. This is for those that were stripped of all virtue and are trying to make their way home.

This is the dance of identities melodies