Sapphire Community is going into schools. housing associations, libraries, job centres etc and providing workshops and enrichment clubs for young people.

Clubs such as:

  • LOT: Leadership Program

  • WWOP: Young Women Program

  • G2G: Mentoring and Counselling

  • PUSH: Art Therapy for all ages

  • SECOND HOME: Healthy Body and Healthy Mind - Teaching all ages how to live a healthy life. Money management, Time management, Nutrition and Fitness 

  • Creative Art School Club - Teaching performing arts and confidence building

  • Business Hub - Teaching young people how to start their own businesses. Business Planning and CV workshops

  • Sapphire Radio

  • Sapphire Dance School

  • Sapphire Music Lessons

  • Sapphire Music Label

  • Sapphire After School Club

  • Sapphire Art Therapy

  • Sapphire Documentaries

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