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We work on creative writing, screenplays,  blogs, short stories and acting sessions. POET is a place that accepts everyone and if you ever feel like you are alone or just a place to hang out then this is the place for you! Just know there is power within you! You have worth! You matter! This is the place that accepts you when you don't accept yourself! We have debates, to open mic events, to movie nights, to singing, dance, writing, language classes! The time for us to unite is now! You don't have to embark on this journey alone!


Saturdays 6-9pm


Sapphire Community Centre




Join our mentoring and counselling school.

The program is designed to help you build your dreams. This program is designed to enable you be the best version of yourself. I do not have much but what I do have are my experiences. I have my lessons learnt. I want my world to reach its fullest potential. I want to help you plan. I want to help you dream. I want to give you hope. I want to light the fire in you. I want to turn your past to purpose. I want to help you stand even when you feel alone. I want to help turn your mistakes into meaning. I want to give you a second home. I want to remind you of why you are here. I want to help you live a life worth living for.

Turning graves to warriors. Turning graves to leaders. This is Graves to Grace Sessions.

Book your weekly one to one Sessions now. A chance to be mentored. A chance to get support from CVs, University Applications, Dissertation Deadlines, Exam Revisions, Budget planning, Event planning, Wedding Planning, Job Applications, Business Ideas, Funding Applications, Housing Advice, Domestic Violence, Discrimination Issues, Organisation Skills, Interview Prep; You name it, I do it. This is a home for you. Ask anything. No judgment here. To talk about anything that concerns you.



Thursday and Friday 6-9pm


Sapphire Community Centre

Book on - https://app.shedul.com/online_bookings/128341/link



“Believe In Yourself”


To teach and educate the 13 – 30 years on areas such as film, media, performing arts, technology, music, business, events, project management, directing and many more.


A week we provide young people with the skills and education on how to make it in the creative industry. A week we challenge and support them to be the best version of themselves.

The program is split to cover 13 to 21 year olds from 9am to 4 and 21 and over from 5 to 10 pm. The course will last for 1 week. At the end of this program you would get the skills you need and a qualification. Your end of week project would mean putting on a show for families to come and watch and on the 28th of July there will be a celebration at the Pop Brixton as we put on a poetry concert.


July 21st - July 25th


Sapphire Community Centre