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Electric Music Concert

  • Boxpark Shoreditch 2-10 Bethnal Green Road London, England, E1 6GY United Kingdom (map)

The Story Behind Electric:

I realised that there are four different ways, we can impact the world. Through what we watch, through what we read, through where we go and lastly through what we listen to. I realised that influencing the world as we know it, can only be achieved through these four modems.

Music has a major impact on the minds of young people. We want to mold and create a funnel of greatness. 

Statistics support our research and even go to the extent of showing that music has a positive outlook on their minds and helps young people to express themselves. Additionally music has proved to help young people deal with emotional and mental wounds. Overall music when harnes accordingly, can create a legacy. At Sapphire we do not want to make any type of music, but music that outlives a generation. We want to make music that matters. 

Sapphire is happy to announce the launch of our music creatives label.

Event Overview:

The Open Mic event will serve as two different key functions. A launch for the artists on the label as well as an introduction to the radio show. Both of these projects are connected by a single thread of expression. The two platforms are made by the Sapphire Community Group to provide a platform for young people to express themselves in ways that they could not before. 

The radio show provides an honest open discussion on what is on young people's minds without the restrictions that are often put on them. it is for young people run by young people. The topics range from issues concerning identity and purpose to the pressures of young people and how their environment is shaping their opportunities in life. This is an open discussion based on expression of the youth of the UK.

The music label is a more creative platform of expression. This platform allows young people to express themselves through more than just words. It allows for them to use melody, poetry and instrumentation to vividly paint their thoughts and feelings. This is where young people can really express who they are as an individual as opposed to bouncing off of others in a discussion. The open mic will be hosted by the radio show and feature artists on the label to combine both mediums of expression and present Sapphire’s vision. Helping young people express themselves in ways they could never before.

The night will consist of showcasing the young talent of creatives in London. Our artists will express their journies and storeis through the beauty of music. We want to bring the community together through the beauty of music.

Come and hear the best music that London has to offer.

There will be a line up of 7 artits on the night with spoken word.

To get involved in our future music projects, go on

Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: November 25