“Giving Our Generation A Voice”

Tune in every last Sunday of the month.

Hosts on the show are Dami, Ese, Jonic and Joyce

There are 4 ways people retain information, learn or are entertained. The channels, are through what they watch, read, through socialising/ events and lastly through what they listen to. Here at Sapphire our goal is to transform and revolutionise the world as we know it. We want to the be voice of love, life and hope. We want to foster a community where we build up homes and not tear down dreams. We want to motivate, inspire and empower our generation.
This is not just any radio station but a home for our generation. A place where no one is judged and everyone can voice out their concerns and device a strategy for change.

This is a station where we tackle the concerns of young people. A place where we highlight the day to day struggles. A place where we stand and own up our scars and say yes, we made it. A place where we take off the masks and stand in the sun.

The media is a powerful tool. We have created this show to address and discuss everyday issues affecting young people. To get involved or to feature on the show, email the team now on