The Sapphire Journal 2018-2019

The Sapphire Journal 2018-2019


I created this journal because I know the power of disorder. I know the voice of disorganization, all too well. I am coming from a world where the terminology learning disability was my national ID Card. I know the feeling of trying to do all things but ending up with a recipe for disaster. I know how it feels when you really do all you can to plan but everything ends up in chaos. I know the voice of dreams. I know the touch of visions. I know you want to be the leaders of our tomorrow. I know you want to change the world. I know you want to make a difference. I know there is a fire in you that cannot be contained. I know how it feels to be so heavily pregnant with so much passion. I can see the flames in your eyes.

However, my journey so far is teaching me that without order and planning, your life is a recipe for disaster. 

This journal is a tool for greatness. It is your success story. It is a gift that would enable you to be all that you can be. Writing has helped me put the pieces of my life together. Without my planning, none of this would have been possible. So I give you the one gift I wish someone would have given me. I give you the keys to life. I give you the right to dream. I give you the ability to do the impossible. With this, you will change the world. 

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"The Sapphire Journal"

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