Power to Reign

Power to Reign


Step out and make a difference!

 For the longest part of my life I was afraid to stand up and make a difference. I was afraid that I was not good enough. I was afraid that I did not have what it takes to make a difference. However, I have come to realise that our biggest limitation is ourselves. We would only be as great as we think we are. For change to occur, we must change our mentality; however, change cannot happen without vision. What do you see? We cannot step out and make a difference until we believe we can!

My whole book centralises on the concept of bold moves. I want to tell the world that nothing comes without taking that bold step. We must step outside our fears! We must step outside the box and do what the world said we couldn't. We are the product of our mentalities therefore if we think we can do it, then we will do it. Life will not be easy but we have great strength within us. Life will push you outside of your comfort zone but I guarantee you that it will be worth it. So, it is time to take that stand to speak up! Stand up! And take that bold move to do the unattainable. 

I struggled for the entity of my life. I was at the bottom of my class. I was known as the class stutter. I had learning difficulties. I did not believe that I could be a difference in our world, because I did not believe in myself. I let societies bitter opinions govern my life but now I have decided to set my own path in despite of my harsh circumstances. So, I want to do for others what I would have wanted: I want to tell my generation, that it is ok to step out and make that bold move. Fear of never being good enough will only hold you back from achieving their greatness. Today I have finished my MBA, applying for my PHD. Sales Exec, founder of a charity, author of 6 books, film director and writer, EU mobiliser for the president of Nigeria, owner of a business, church youth leader and owner of my own youth centre. I am 24 years old; I just want to tell my world that you can dream big and do the impossible.

God manifests supernatural demonstrations because we are willing to step out on the edge and do something that causes him to move. The early disciples demonstrated the power of God because they took a risk. God wants to manifest miracles for those who will just step out.

He is saying that when you move I will give you the power to reign!

No more holding back! This year we leave a legacy! We will Reign as royalty!

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