One Voice

One Voice


I am speaking to those who have spent countless nights crying and wearing the masks of pretense for too long! I am speaking to those with broken hearts. I am speaking to those with broken dreams. I am speaking to those that thought life has given up on them. Warriors you must arise to become the leaders of our tomorrow! 


Who said that getting that job would be an impossibility? Who said that finishing that book would be a myth? Who said that graduating was beneath you? Who said that you do not have what it takes to win? When would you see that wearing the veil is not a day of mourning but a day you celebrate the best day of your life. This is the moment you leave a legacy that outlives you. This is the moment you inscribe your name in the sand. A moment you leave a footprint in the world that brings google to its knees. This is the moment you shine. 


How long will you play the role of victim or second-class citizen? 

When do you arise? 

When do you enforce a change to a divided nation? 

How long will you play the beat of pity? 

How long will you dance to the talking drums of conformity? 


My story is a hard one. 

It went from being abused at aged 9 by 4 predators to gang cultures to coke queen to 419 artists to body deformity to self-harm to mental insanity to drug cartel queen to trans man to abuser of women. I was the definition of insanity at its best. I was the bitter reign of sovereignty. I did not know who I was. I did not know who to turn to. I was without form or order. I was a country without borders. 


Until I encountered something that shook the ends of my being. 


I decided in that very moment, that I would stand even when the world would turn its back on me. I am speaking from brokenness. I am speaking from my observations of a dark world. Your world is not flat. There are more angles. There is a way when there seems to be no way. You can become the next president. The next CEO of Apple or UN Leader or number one business owner or doctor, or lawyer or football player or blogger or fashion designer. There is nothing beyond your reach. Start believing in yourself.  


The issue is our vision is limited as we hide behind our veils. Veils are not intended to be used as a disguise but to decorate. You have a voice that nations need to hear. In your tongue is life. We have to stand up from our pain and birth forth purpose. No longer would you take the back seat to mediocracy! 


This year we stand as leaders! 

This year we build up warriors! 

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