My King

My King


As someone who pursued healing from this world, I can tell you it doesn’t work. Some things may mask the pain temporarily, but they will never allow you to heal. Only God can, and I hope you’ll pursue the road less traveled for the only healing that will restore you. 

“I am scared that if I tell you who I am, you will leave. I am scared that if I show you my scars, you will run. I am scared to show you the cobwebs that parade my closet. I am scared that if you see my pieces, you will call them unfit for purpose. I am scared for you to see. I am scared that vulnerability, would be your deformity” 

I always tell my young people all the time to speak their mind and to be transparent about their scars but I too have been guilty of hiding behind the mask. Being vulnerable takes a lot of guts. Being transparent takes so much out of you. Many of us have experienced rejection when we decided to open up and that has caused us to miss great opportunities. Do you know how hard it is to wear your heart on your sleeves, and to then end up having it trampled upon?

Last year I faced rejection in a way that I cannot begin to phantom.  I was so in love with someone to end up having my heart demolished. God had to reconstruct my mind to focus on him. I began to write letters to God on how I was feeling and sometimes I would write words of encouragement to keep me living for another day. When I tell you that last year I hit rock bottom. I thought I would not love again. I thought rejection was now my national identity. In writing I found healing. In writing I found my voice. In writing I found purpose. 

I learnt that when the world feels like is crashing around you, is when you must fix your eyes on the hope of the future. 

It was here I learned a valuable life lesson: there is no bypass to proper healing. As much as I tried to bury the pain deep and sought the comforts of this world, I realized there was no way to heal unless I went through the hurt. The healing process cannot be avoided” JC

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