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We have one mission! We have one  purpose and that is to  ensure that we make you great! We want to bring out the things in you to make you  shine! In  this place you are accepted for who you are!

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Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in the U.S., is an annual observance in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States[6] and Canada[7] in February, as well as in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Republic of Ireland[8] [9]in October.[5]

This month at Sapphire, we are having two events centred around the celebration of black people.

We would be having a black history month poetry slam at City Islington on Thursday 18th October from 12pm to 4pm.

Additionally, we will be having our Black History Month event on Sunday 28th October 5pm to 8pm.



Get Involved

Do you want to be those that sits back and watches things happen?

Or do you want to be a part of history?

Founder - "I have decided to live a life that enables young people to be the best version of themselves.  We at SCG want to give the 13-30year olds hope and a future worth living."

'Why don't you join  us today!


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You can join one of our multiple programs. We have  poetry sessions to young men sessions, mentoring sessions to mental health events,  homeless project events to film and media events and many more.

Volunteer opportunities

Here at SCG we do everything. If you want to leave your footprint in the sand, then this is the  place for you. If you want to change the world, then this is the home for you. 

Make a Donation

We want to do so much in the world. We want to help everyone in need but this is not easy with limited resources. To help us in our movement and in our journey to  creating a revolution, then donate today, for as little as $1 a month.


Our Impact

We are changing one life at a  time. We are having young people who did not know what they would do in life,  plan a  future that  they did not think  was possible.

Esther said it better!

Hear from someone who joined us a year ago. 

"I found my identity here.  I found  love. I  found a home. I found a place that not only  builds dreams but births  a legacy. Before coming to Sapphire, I did not think it was possible  to keep going in life. I thought that all hope in the world was lost. I came across them  on Meetup in early 2017  and since then I have reminded in a place that accepted me for who I am" -  Esther (POET)




We have over 100 events and  workshops running through  out the year. In the arts,  writing , acting and performing arts, business planning, empowerment events, concerts, film  and media; There is so much from  homeless projects to mental  health events. We are in everything that serves the interest of our young people.



Years Serving communities

This is our third year that we have  served the community. We are in areas  such  as The Midlands, London  (Woolwich, Newham, Lambeth, Croydon and Elephant) and Nigeria.




Since 2015  up till now we have had over 800  young people come through our doors. This has been through  events and workshops we run over the year. 




True happiness can only exist in acceptance - for most of my life, I have lived in pain, anger, denial, anguish, depression, oppression - you name it! I just never fully felt happy in my self. The day I finally felt accepted was the day I became truly happy.

I did not need to be defined the norms, rules, standards and regulations of this world. I no longer felt I had to be validated by other women. I no longer felt the need to conform to the lies of this world. I knew that the only acceptance I ever needed was from him. No longer do I spend my time waiting for people to call me valuable nor adequate! I now see me! I now see my worth! I love me! But most of all, I am free to be me.