"Carrie" By Stephen King : Book Review By Nishat Ahmed

OVERVIEW: Carrie is about a girl who develops the gift of telekinesis and uses this to seek revenge on the whole town.

REVIEW: I don’t usually read thrillers and I know Stephen King has a reputation for the gory and gruesome. I’ve watched some of the film adaptations and they really do leave images in my mind.  I’ll be honest, Carrie wasn’t what I thought it would be. I had previously watched the 2013 film adaptation with Chloe Moretz, and it was a bit too spooky for my liking. The special effects and sounds just make it more intense and add to the horror.

However, the novel itself was more mystery than horror. The newspaper articles and diary entries helped me understand what was going on from a different point of view. You are more intrigued about how powerful these telekinetic powers can be. The story is of a young confused girl who starts her menstrual period and does not understand what she is going through. She somehow receives telekinetic powers and uses them to enact revenge. 

You see the kindness in Tommy; when he welcomes her at prom and looks after her. You see the remorse in Sue Snell; who aims to redeem herself for her past mistakes.

Carrie’s mother’s repulsion and neglect upon Carrie, which gradually turns Carrie into a confused and suppressed teenager.

The anger and frustration in Chris, when she plots to ruin prom for Carrie as revenge. We see how the media gets involved and how they perceive the story.  

It really is a page turner in the sense that you want to know what’s going on, what happens next.

King has a way of describing events and at the same time intensifying your senses to feel more. I enjoyed reading it much more than watching.