"Lord Of The Flies" By William Golding : Book Review by Nishat Ahmed

OVERVIEW: A group of British boys are stranded on an uninhabited island; they struggle for survival and attempt to form a society. As the days go on and they wait for rescue, the boys’ behaviour transforms into something primitive and barbaric.

 REVIEW: The protagonist in the novel, Ralph or the “chief” represents order and authority; something the boys are aware of in the real world with adults.  

On the other hand, the antagonist, Jack, represents savagery and the thirst for control. Piggy represents the scientific and intellectual aspects of civilisation. An alliance between Piggy and Ralph develops, two boys who need each other; together providing thinking and protection.  

The friendship between Piggy and Ralph shows the relationship between intellect and authority; without one the other suffers. Although Piggy is the clever one, he still needs Ralph as a crutch and to get his ideas across to the others. Piggy provides Ralph with the ideas, he tells him how to blow the conch and to call the others.  

The situation of being in an island has compelled the boys into choosing a chief and creating rules which they must follow. Also, the boys fear there is a snake-thing in the island, which started because some of the younger boys said they saw something in the night.  

The imaginary beast that is feared by the boys is ultimately something that lives inside all of us. It is the savagery that lives within all of us, and evidently in most of the boys in the island. Simon realises that the fear of the beast is because it exists within each of them. As the boys grow more savage, their belief in this beast grows stronger.  

Their savagery is what gives the beast life.

 RATING: 8/10