The Five Needs we Tackle:

1. Reducing mental health issues

2. Increasing social interaction

3. Reducing crime rates

4. Reducing unemployment

5. Increasing talent domination

Our Strengths

  • An all rounded and versatile community group 

  • Enticing different age groups and most importantly target audience due to what the community group offers

  • The different platforms Sapphire is involved in which enhances recognition 

  • Organisations that are currently involved with Sapphire 

  • What Sapphire offers young people and vice versa 

  • Heart and Passion for Young People

  • Sapphire building and making young leaders and representatives

50+ 300+ 3000+


Sapphire Community Group aims to equip young people to not only be their best version of themselves but also inspire them to have a genuine insight of what they would like to pursue in the near future. More importantly, the community group is put in place to have to make a major contribution in order to give a voice to the voiceless; this is done by providing a platform for young people to find and understand more about their callings. 

First and foremost, Sapphire Community Group is formed to organise and offer a range of intriguing, appealing and inspirational events and programmes that is specifically targeted to anyone and everyone that has a desire to get the chance to be a part of something that means more than just an event to them. 

Secondly, the community group has many programmes that benefit different age ranges. One programme in particular which is a very appealing programme the group is currently offering which Sapphire presents as of recent is called ‘The Sapphire Foundation’ and the main reason why the programme has been formed is due to the fact that our group has made it our personal mission to build, mentor and coach young and inspirational leaders.

Sapphire education is another tool that has been put in place and also targeted for individuals who have an interest to work and study at the same time; which the end goal is to help achieve the dream of the dreamers. 

Moreover, to be precise, different programmes we offer aims to exploit on different types of skills which young people possess which could be creative writing, screenplays, blogs, short stories, acting sessions, open mic events, debates and so much more. Not to mention from events that has been intentionally been composed and targeted for a place to heal broken hearts to events that has also been contemplated just for a quick reminder of why hope is something you should keep holding onto. 

Fortunately, Sapphire Community Group does not stop there. Our group is ensuring that everyone that joins us is enabled to operate and be the best version of themselves and find ways to maximise their potential with the qualities and attributes our young people possess. Unquestionably, as we aim to accomplish this at Sapphire we have been very fortunate to partner with COOH who aims to provide everyone who joins our community group with free counselling and mentoring sessions.

Our Services: At Sapphire we do multiple things. However our main focus, is making young people achieve their dreams. This is achieved through our formula; To unite our worlds through Literature, Media, Events and Programmes.

We realised there is 4 ways to impact the world, through what young people read (Literature), through where they go (Events), through what they watch and listen to (Media) and lastly we need to sustain young people's learnings (Programmes)

Service 1:

Literature - We help young people publish books. We run literacy and creative writing workshops. We have helped over 100 young people publish books till today. We have run over 50 writing workshops for the past 4 years. We also have an online writing community of 50 young BAME women writers. Lastly we work with 30 young people a year to produce a magazine.

Service 2:

Events - From open mic nights, game nights, film nights to poetry festivals. We have held over 300 events and workshops in the past 4 years. We hold events that engage the community and tackle social issues affecting the lives of our young people. Each event we hold has had over 100 to even 500 attendees. We have worked with partners such as Boxpark or Pop Brixton to hold festivals. The last event we had held over 100 young people discussing around mental health and suicide.

Service 3:

Media - At Sapphire we have a Talkshow centred around young BAMER women who are discussing social issues. We also have a Radioshow run by our young people. These platforms reach thousands of young people and is positively impacting social issues. We have support from SKY, Fame TV and Volunteers from BBC who help with the projects. Additionally we produce documentaries and films with our young people. Last year we produced a 12 episode documentary and a 2 hour feature film that we showed in cinemas. Our film projects help 15 to 20 young people a month. Alongside this, we work with colleges to get the young people accredited film making qualifications.

Service 4:

Programmes - We have ran over 30 programmes till date. Our key programmes:

Humanity - We run a women’s night shelter every year from December to April housing vulnerable

women for 5 nights a week which is funded by housing of justice. We work with 5 other charities such as Transform Shoreditch and Arch 76. This service is aimed at tackling homelessness.

The Young People Impact

Mentoring and Counselling - We run free sessions 4 days a week for young people who need the help. We have 5 NHS experts that volunteer their time and run this free of charge at Sapphire. Our young people have one to one support and tailor designed programme to help them be the best version of themselves. Till date we have 20 young people a week. We have had testimonials from over 76 till date who have successfully gone to university or work. This service is aimed at also tackling mental health issues.

AD Programme - Artist Development - supporting 12 young musicians a year. Funding their dreams and futures. Providing training, songwriting, vocal training sessions, music production, exposure and mentoring.

Employability Academy - We help young people especially the BAMER Community get work. We have over 20 direct clients that we place people directly into work and over 100 referral clients. We work with Unilever, Wrap it Up, Gregs, Pret, Dominos, Hotels, Restaurants, Law Firms, Charities, Job Centres and all sectors around London helping residents from Islington, Hackney, Greenwich and Lambeth tackle unemployment rates. We have also free training that we help provide for our young people. We work with colleges to give them the key skills they need to be employable.

Enrichment Programmes - We run workshops in schools, colleges, libraries and housing associations. We work with partners such as Westminster, City Islington, Peabody and Sapphire Independent Housing. We have ran over 100 workshops building the confidence of young people and helping them reach their full potential. Through the enrichment programmes we have successfully delivered workshops to over 1200 young people.