We are the Sapphire Community Group. We were founded in 2015 as Sapphire Ministries and then during the concourse of November 2017, we underwent some changes and rebranded as ‘The Sapphire Community Group’. We as an organisation aims to restore, revive and rebuild a divided generation. We accept everyone and encourage individuals to be their truest self. We work with the 13-30 year olds around the world and we instil the message of love but most of all self-worth.

We are an organisation that seeks to empower and stabilize a segregated community. The sole purpose of the SCG is to build people up and provide you with the platform to shine.


The Sapphire Community Group seeks to help young people find out what they are meant to do in life. We aim to do this through mentoring, coaching, publishing literature, film and media, through multiple events technological development and hosting workshops. We aim to provide a platform and pathway for young people all over the world to find their callings. Additionally, we will attempt to help each individual believe that they can create the change for the extraordinary. We aim to teach and inspire individuals to believe within and to help maximise them to their fullest potential.  

We have multiple young people roaming the streets, because they believe that the world has given up on them or they believe that they do not have what it takes to create the impossible. So The Sapphire Group is stepping in to give a voice to the voiceless. The Sapphire Community Group is here to tell our young, that they are good enough! And that there is nothing they cannot achieve if they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the unattainable today.


The Vision Statement: Inspiring, empowering and motivating our generation to greatness

Aim: “LEMP”

To unite our worlds through Literature, Media, Events and Programmes

The Mission Statement:  Working with the 13 to 30 year olds to help support them to find out who they are and what they are supposed to do in life.

Montra: We are an organisation that aims to reconstruct a broken culture.

We represent hope.

We represent love.

But most of all life.

All our work will be governed by our five aims.

  1. To provide an accessible range of customised job opportunities and support for any young people unemployed

  2. To continue to improve the social integration services available for young people in the community

  3. To provide support where we can, to support the well-being of young people suffering with mental health issues

  4. To continue to reduce crime rates in society by providing opportunities for young people

  5. To support young people in aiding them in training and developing their talents and skills